What is so Unique About Foster Tapes?

If you are a citizen of India, you would obviously be facing a huge issue while watching hd porn clips using a certain internet service provider which has blocked almost all of the pornographic websites. During these times of the coronavirus lockdown, things might get pretty desperate for a lot of people, no wonder why pornhub has given a free premium membership to everyone, to encourage people to stay indoors. Despite all these attempts, pornhub is almost inaccessible from any lay person’s mobile or tablet device because of the censorship of pornographic websites from most of the service providers. Right now, it can rightly be said that the porn situation in India lies in VPN or abstinence!

Foster tapes, on the other hand, is a unique website which is accessible freely from any mobile or tablet device. The unique selling point of this website is the sole point of taboo porn content, and amateur videos, which are mostly made by people who are not professionals at all. 

What is the Huge Fuss about Sex Tapes and Why Do People Make Them?

We live in a world which is has a weird sex-negative scenario or culture which shames sexual acts, or the enjoyment of them, a world where even masturbation is viewed as a taboo, despite the fact that we are constantly being exposed to nudity, sexuality, and sex every single day. This persistent attitude toward sex is what makes sex tapes more fun, and adds a layer of deviance to the entire notion of not only having sex but also enjoying it AND recording it. The reason why two (or more!) adults with consent turn toward sex tapes are unique to one another, but the taboo around them isn’t. 

Talk About Kinks?

People have a vast and varied list of kinks, and shaming them for it, is just not cool. One such kink can be that of a voyeur, and an exhibitionist through a digital medium, or simply by recording their sexual act. The psychology of kinks goes way deeper than just mere arousal or orgasm, kinks involve a sort of ‘psychological turn on’ in a way only the person having it can understand the intensity of it. The brain has a huge role to play in the kinks that we all are used to. Going by that, making a sex tape can be a highly risqué job for both the partners as long as there is a bond of trust and consent between them that would not leak those photos/videos once they have a squabble or break up.

Why Foster Tapes at the End of the Day?Leaving aside the entire point of being able to access the website without even a VPN connection, fostertapes has a huge and quite delectable collection of amateur porn as well as incestuous content, and we all know why amateur and taboo are so popular, due to the entire culture of having a ‘forbidden’ tag attached to it. If not for anything, we would say that foster tapes would really help you stay at home in the lockdown situation *cough*

Posted by Lewis Mason