The Beginner’s Guide To Kick Start Your Used Panty Business

The human community is a curious galaxy of people with strange fetishes. Across the length and breadth of the world, there are men worshipping women with various body types, age and race. So you need not be a Victoria’s Secret angel to sell used panties. If you are open-minded enough to embrace a side business that caters to one of the oldest fetishes in the world, then you have no reason to repel this practice.

What You Might Not Have Known

Used panty fetishes is nothing new. In fact, it started right after panties were invented and women started wearing them. In countries like Japan, this business is quite popular. So much so that there are a number of vending machines for user panties in different places.

The Ethics Question

The Beginner's Guide To Kick Start Your Used Panty Business

It sound creepy on the surface. However, there is hardly a reason to be conscious about the trade. The conception to sell used panties cozily snuggles in the thin existing line between prostitution and pornography. There is no dearth of lonely souls in this world. Consider that you have something that can take their loneliness away. In turn, you are getting handsomely paid. That is all about it! You can call it a low-risk business, where both parties are gainers.

As Simple As That

The process to sell used panties is nothing complicated. You just receive order through our website or Reddit account. Next, parties interested in your things would pay you upfront. They would make it either Visa or Amazon pay. Upon receiving the money, you would vacuum pack the underthings and send to the customer’s address. Make sure that you give a tracking ID to the client. Ask them to share their feedback on online forums. If they like the service, then ask for references. If they don’t, then request them to discuss the places of improvement. Does it sound too hard?

Posted by Lewis Mason